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Full Version: Ouch!! I just watched Eagles Extra from Last Week
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It takes me a few days to get over a big loss like that so last night I finally watched the tape on Eagles Extra and watched some Philly sports talk episodes.

Sanchez was wildly inaccurate for most of the game and worse yet, he was wild in the middle of the field which is deadly.

They mentioned that his arm may be fatigued after the surgery etc. as he lost all zip on the out routes. That looks to be the case b/c he has no zip.

It's hard form e to criticize the offense after watching that tape. The guys were wide open by NFL standards (ie 5-10 yards space).

The good side is that Luck should light that D up b/c he won't miss those open WR's.

The bad news is that it's all on tape and WAs will see how to crowd the middle and dare him to throw the out route or deep pass.

On the flip side. How does a DC allow his horrible CB's to be lined up one on one with Dez? And then not to blitz if you are going to do that? Inexcusable.

We need to come up big tomorrow.

Sanchez will get blitzed a lot tomorrow. They will send everyone and the kitchen sink so we'll see if Sanchez has the guts to get it done. BTW, the kitchen sink was rated higher than M. Smith on draft day!!
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Dec 20 2014, 12:53 PM) *
BTW, the kitchen sink was rated higher than M. Smith on draft day!!

Funny, the kitchen sink and Marcus Smith have an equal chance of ending up on our stat sheet.

At least Danny Watkins started for a year and a half. I think Smith is destined for Jerome McDougle/Jon Harris infamy.
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