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Full Version: The Numbers. What This Game Means
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Here's what our percentages were coming into this week, and how they look based on the two outcomes:

Make the playoffs:
Now = 78.2%......53.9%
Win = 96.4%.......83.9%
Lose = 48.1%......35.7%

Win the Division:

Now = 73.4%.......26.6%
Win = 96.1%........64.2%
Lose = 35.8%........3.9%

Predictions on outcome of the game:

Vegas = Eagles by 3.5
Sagarin = Eagles by 5.5
Covers = Eagles by 5.0

What-if-sports = Eagles by 3 with a 57% win probability
Historical Win % of Teams favored by 3.5 = 64%

NEPM wild ass guess estimate = Eagles by 3 with a 50.1% win probability.

I don't know. I've said weeks ago that they would split. I thought we had a better shot at beating them there on a short week than here after SEA and with them having 10 days to rest. After our beating last week, I think that helps us, as odd as that sounds.

In hindsight, we heard that Romo was limited. Apparently he took a shot to play vs. CHI and didn't for us. The short week hurt him.

I expect we will see Romo at a lot healthier place than a few weeks ago.

While I feel confident we will be able to contain Murray, I can't see our DB's stopping their WR's if Romo is mostly well. They said game film showed that last game there were WR's open often but he couldn't get the ball to them b/c of our rush and their QB's injury.

His injury can be aggravated with a nice helmet to the ribs one two or ten times. And he does have ghosts of years past at the Linc. And the character and coaching of that team is lacking whereas ours is abundant.

I think we'll need to score 32 to win. Special teams can get us 7 of them, and I think our offense gets us 22 with the D having a timely turnover to set up the other 3 for a close nail biting team win.

Chip and the fans have to come up big in a big game.

On the flip side, I think the Eagles DL embarrassed their OL and they may come out charged to prove their "greatness." I agree the key to stopping their passing game will be to get to Romo and keep hitting him, if their OL steps up that will be harder.
We need minimum 5 touchdowns. Keyword - minimum.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Dec 12 2014, 09:55 PM) *
Chip and the fans have to come up big in a big game.

It's just another game to him - he doesn't hate anybody.
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