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Full Version: I donít get it
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The Offensive Lineman, while attempting to block the Defensive Player, gets his hand(s) up in his face

Flag Ė 15 yard penalty

A Defensive Player, while attempting to get to the QB, gets his hand(s) up in the face of the Offensive lineman, or heaven forbid the Darling QB

Flag Ė 15 yard penalty

The Receiver or the Running Back, while advancing the ball downfield, puts his hand in the face --- stiff arms the Defensive Player in the facemask, bending his head backwards --- of the Defensive Player who is trying to tackle him

No Call

I donít get it. Why isnít there a flag in the third instance when the ball carrier is basically doing the same thing as the players in the first two instances?
my wife asked the same question. I said "because." laugh.gif
The same reason you can bash a RB square in the helmet without penalty... because the NFL cares about safety
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