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Full Version: Bad Game Plan By Billy
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To use an old Andy term, he's gotta do a better job of putting his players in positions to be successful

So we're playing Aaron Rodgers and we're more concerned about stopping the run?

So we've got a bottom tier set of CB's and a below average safety and we're gonna play single high safety, man to man?

I don't care if Lacy ran for 175 yards, that would have been more of a successful game plan than what we had.

You game plan to stop Lacy over Rodgers with a piss poor Def backfield?

Billy reallly f'd up on that one.

I love his candor and he seems like a real good guy, but if he really think that's our best defensive allignment with this defensive personnel, he's sadly mistaken.

A couple of things on the All-22:

Nice to see that on the long pass to Nelson, Rodgers had three wide open options with my man Sconces further behind than anyone else.

Any defense that has your pass specialists playing below season averages against a pass happy Rodgers is pretty lame.

-We've seen Sconces lack of effectiveness in coverage.
-We've seen him blame his coaches when he screws up.
-We've seen him deflect blame to others when he screws up.
-We've seen his lack of effort and pussy play like last week's Lacy's run and a few times earlier this year.
-We've seen his bad tackling technique and lack of hustle cost us a playoff game
-He was the ONLY player to miss "voluntary" OTA's in the first two years of Chip's regime.
-And he admitted he was shopping for lighting for his house and "at this point in his career" (translated: after he got paid) he didn't feel he needed to attend those OTA's.

lack of talent, lack of culture, lack of effort, lack of attitude and this joker is STILL a starting CB for this team, despite signing a FA CB, drafting a CB, and having $20F'in million in extra cap space.

Hard to believe Harry
Sometimes you have to game plan to your strengths and your opponents weaknesses. Trying to slow down Rodgers by making them one dimensional (eliminating their running game) isn't unheard of. Stack the box and try to get pressure on the QB. Make him uncomfortable in the pocket and hopefully that leads to mistakes/turnovers/sacks. The problem is that Aaron Rodgers isn't just your typical QB. His ability to withstand pressure and excel in those situations is one of the reasons he is an elite QB.
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