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Full Version: S, DE, CB, RB, QB, LB
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Damn we have a lot of off season needs.
I wouldn't call DE a pressing need. Cox and Thornton are fine. WR and probably even OL depth are bigger priorities than a new running back at this point as well.

S, CB, QB, and LB are legitimate needs however, with S and CB probably the most pressing. The QB situation is interesting, there doesn't appear to be a clear cut answer in front of us either (won't be picking high enough .... we did bring in Terelle Pryor though cool.gif )

QUOTE (make_it_rain @ Nov 17 2014, 01:00 PM) *

We need at least one G as well. Herremans and Mathis aren't getting any younger and we need to ease the new guys in over a couple of years rather than having to find three new pieces (I'd include our future LT) in one attempt.
QUOTE (xsv @ Nov 17 2014, 12:46 PM) *
Damn we have a lot of off season needs.

The annoying thing is S, CB, LB were concerns after last season as well and we got $20 M in the cap bank that could have helped out.
I don't know about LB. Brandon Graham has been playing pretty well. Maybe in 5 years we'll say the same about Marcus Smith.
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