Tommy Lawlor has a great pro Chip Kelly article on his site. It's definitely worth a read...especially for the naysayers who don't believe he is anything special.


The highlights:
Chip wanted takeaways. The Eagles have a takeaway in 22 straight games, the longest streak in the NFL. The Eagles lead the NFL in FFs with 15. I’ve always been disappointed with how few FFs the Eagles get. Brian Dawkins was great at stripping the ball, but not the pass rushers. Trent Cole had 13 FFs in 8 years. Under Kelly/Davis he has 6 in 1.5 years. That’s not an accident. The players are being aggressively taught how to strip the ball and it is paying off.

Chip wanted the STs to be special. This year the Eagles have the best STs in the NFL. That’s not just my opinion. They are number one in DVOA per Football Outsiders. The Eagles have blocked or deflected several punts. They have a FG block. Darren Sproles leads the league in PRs and has 2 TDs. Chris Polk ran a KO back for a TD. Jones continues to be a good Punter and Parkey has been a revelation as the PK.

Chip wanted to establish a certain culture. Veterans like Brent Celek and Trent Cole bought in completely and instantly. Outsiders like Connor Barwin and Brad Smith fit in right away. An established star like DeSean Jackson did not fit and was gone after one highly productive year. The Eagles offense remains as productive as ever and the team is off to a great start at 7-2.