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Full Version: 12-3 in our last 15 games.
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That's pretty damn impressive IMO.
Flying Dutchman
QUOTE (xsv @ Oct 14 2014, 11:49 AM) *
That's pretty damn impressive IMO.

Very! Sure there are still concerns, areas needing improvement, some QB and head coach strategies
that are head scratchers etc. but that 12 - 3 remains. No way in hell I would have expected this as we suffered
through the end of the AR demise. NO WAY!

I can't get a very crude and rude comparison out of my head. When your woman has an earth-shattering,
screaming orgasm you feel like God! When she just twitches and moans through a sorta quiet orgasm,
you may only feel like her angel. Well either one is Heaven to me and so are these 12 wins for our Iggles.
I'll gladly take all of them. They sure as hell beat the alternative!
Flying Dutchman
Oooops, repeat!
That's extremely impressive, but I like Dutch's analogy a little better than anything I was going to add to the discussion so I'll just say impressive indeed.
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