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Full Version: Sconces Has Pictures
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The Chronicles of Sconces Williams:

After he signs his deal, he decides to miss some mini camp days that 100% of the rest of the team attends because, according to him, at this point in his career (ie after he's signed his deal), he needs to take care of other things as he has to buy sconces (wall lights for those not into that) for his new house.

Plays at such a high level, that he isn't even ranked as a top 100 CB last year (64 normally start) by the Bleacher Report. Not top 100!!

He takes the lazy route and horse collar tackles Sproles in the playoff game last drive, greatly aiding the Saints to victory. A lazy play. He wasn't the only culprit as Anderson and Henery share some blame but he could have regularly tackled him.

He gets burnt by DJax, and while he should have had help by Allen, he needs to make that routine tackle.

BTW, if you look at the tape of the end of the WAS game, while he is beaten again, he slips on that last pass play by Cousins that he generously threw behind his WR or it was another big gain for them instead of the game ending incompletion.

He has the balls to complain about him being tired because of our practice routine. AND THIS IS DURING A WEEK WHERE HE SAT OUT PRACTICE WED AND THURS AND FRIDAY WAS A WALK THRU! In doing so, he proclaims that his teammates, unlike him, are not brave enough to say it. So throw your coach and teammates under the bus all because you were not good enough to do your job. All this after a huge WIN.

All the while, he is sporting a 110 QB rating against him and has been the most targeted CB over the last two years in the NFL.

His QB rating compares to an 89 for Fletcher and a 69 for Boykin, you know the player not good enough to take snaps from this clown.

Whatever the pictures show Chip, we will forgive you. Move Boykin and Carroll up and put this clown on the bench, or better yet, on the street where he belongs. Colonial Electric is having a lighting sale. A man can never have too many sconces, or excuses, or locker room press gatherings about the world according to him.
I like Cary cause I think he brings attitude but I'm not sure how much good attitude does if it doesn't come with talent.

The horse collar tackle in the Saints game was a desperation move to save a touchdown but all the other stuff you said is true. I think either Boykin or Carroll are the better option.
Yeah I think the horse collar was kind of a borderline necessity play. He has been bad this year no question, but imo Fletcher has been worse. Which is weird because last season I thought Fletcher played better overall, but as pointed out Williams brings that "attitude" factor that can get under peoples skin (but again doesnt mean much if he can't cover).

Given that the staff insists on keeping Boykin in the slot, I think its really a matter of time before Nolan Caroll takes over one of the starting roles.
He could have made the regular tackle and I think he may have said so afterwards.

Guys who are better than him, Boykin, Carroll and about 100 other CB's in the NFL make that tackle.


Because they're better than him!

Maybe he'll shut me up and have a great game today.

Come on Sconces, shut me up!
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Sep 28 2014, 12:38 PM) *
Maybe he'll shut me up and have a great game today.

I wouldn't count on it
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