He was an all-state center in high school a four-year starter in college and was first-team all-American and won the Rimington Award. 6'1 290 vs 6'3" 295. Molk vs Kelce. Chip says he's smart so with that resume one would hope he could make the line calls. He's supposed to be athletic and can pull so I guess the question is if he's big enough to block the monsters who are across from him. But then he's only 5 lbs less than Kelce.

Tobin is a guy that the Eagles apparently really like. He'll have the advantage of playing next to Peters and is supposed to be a good run blocker. He's listed as a T and I kind of assumed he could be looked at as the eventual replacement for Johnson if he moves to the left whenever Peters retires.

I'm wondering how the right side will do. Herreman's was OK as a RT but is a lot better at G. Kelly I'm just not sure about.