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Full Version: Chip Kelly profile
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Long and detailed, worth the time though. The more I learn about him the more I like him.
Must read, but for the tl;dr crowd...

Chip is the man. He thinks differently and will continue to push the envelope. He's smart and well read. Hard to argue with any of the choices or decisions he makes after reading that profile.
Man if we could have been a fly on the wall while Dick and Chip talk it out.....
Great read. Thanks.

He's my kind of person.
I have to admit that I was absolutely opposed to the Eagles hiring Kelly. I wanted Gus. I viewed Kelly as the the next Spurrier ... a good, innovative college coach who would be way over his head in the NFL. I saw him as a coach the geeks in the front office wanted but I wanted an NFL guy. Was I ever wrong! I'm beginning to understand the term "culture" that Howie and Jeff speak about with regards to this guy and what he wants to do with the Eagles. That article put some foundation to who the man is and what he's trying to do. I was particularly impressed with his friends that said they wouldn't be surprised if he voluntarily ended up coaching a high school team.

Thanks for the link.
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