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Full Version: Is every RB they bring in that good?
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Josey was fun to watch and so were most of the RBs running behind our line. Jeez, some of the holes they would open you could fit an 18 wheeler through them. When Damaris Johnson can look good as a RB then you gotta wonder.

I expect that if he clears waivers Josey makes our PS, and if he doesn't, then he gets a much better shot to play on another team.

I really don't understand the vitriol about what Chip has done, or is doing regarding players. By all accounts he lives and breathes Football 24/7, and even the most avid fan can't make that claim. He has also turned the team around so much that people are freaking out over losing guys who never took a real NFL snap, think about that.

My expectations after watching the preseason are that we are in for a very ENTERTAINING season, and I have a feeling we haven't seen anything like we will starting on the 7th. Some of the questions, like why did he cut Desean or what's up with keeping Brad Smith, will be answered as the season progresses. I know we lost our 'deep' threat, but the way Chip runs the O even shorter passes just basically stretches drives from 1-2 minutes to 2-3 for us to get down the field. At least it is nice that no one has complained of our ineptitude with the 'two-minute' drill anymore, since we are in that mode all the time.

So far I am very optimistic going into this season, if things go south when it really matters I will complain, until then I just know I am enjoying Eagles football again.

Most of the complaints we've had/heard over the past 10, even 20 years are no longer there. I'm sure new ones will surface but I'm with you on my optimism and excitement. This should be not only an entertaining season but a revealing year. Year 2K (2nd Kelly smile.gif ) should tell us more about what kind of coach he is and what kind of team the Eagles will be with him leading them.
That's what I'm talking about!!
I'm happy overall.

Just can't understand why the team that runs the ball more than any other team in the NFL kept only three RB's, especially when one of those RB's wasn't healthy enough to play Thursday!

Barner got a convenient injury settlement. If he's hurt, then he won't do us any good, and honestly, he didn't show as well as the others.

Maybe one will stick to the PS but I have to think that the tape of Josie and Tucker is a hell of a lot more impressive, system or not, than the other waived RB's. I'd be shocked if either make it back.

However, Hollis Thomas said this afternoon that the Eagles paid Jamal Jackson extra money for the PS years ago to stick around. That doesn't seem legal does it? If it is, maybe there's hope.
Other teams may shy away from our RBs because they think they're system backs. Maybe they are, so? If they produce in the system then that's a good thing, right?
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