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Full Version: How do you greet Vick tomorrow?
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What say you?
I appreciate what Vick did since coming here.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Aug 27 2014, 09:52 PM) *
What say you?

Standing O - and I'm going tomorrow, and will actually give him one.
I give him a standing O.

He was a great leader and teammate during his time here. His comeback in 2010 was one of my favorite memories as a fan of this team, and the 2010 season was one of my favorite seasons, up there with the Garcia run in 2007. He carried the team back in probably the greatest win I've watched as a fan against the giants in the meadowlands in 2010. His passive aggressive gripe today with Cooper aside, he really did in all likelihood save Cooper's career, and almost indirectly the entire 2013 season through how he brought the team through the Cooper fiasco.

Two surprises from recent news: Cooper didn't return Vick's congratulatory text and that Vick is making it news. MV was a revelation after he came to the Eagles because he worked hard to become a real QB, he was a team player and he was a leader in the locker room. Standing up for Cooper was huge, both for the team and for the player. Apparently he worked to keep DJax in line and he took his demotion last year in a positive way. Even assuming Cooper is a dick and all full of himself I don't get Vick coming out with this stuff.
Not a big fan, but he gave us a few moments of sheer joy, and I certainly appreciate that. I'll never forget MMII.

That said, I'm glad he's not on the team anymore.

A sit down applause.
Standing ovation. His short comings aside, during his time as an Eagle he exemplified what it means to be a leader and by all accounts was a great teammate.
A well deserved standing ovation... was a class act his entire time in Philadelphia and gave us plenty of exciting moments
Past opinions of his acts aside.

He was the definition of a true Eagle while he played here. He had heart,drive,leadership,good temperament and was a physical phenom.

If you don't cheer for the guy and what he's done for the team then you're kind of a douche who has issues with forgiveness.
i think he set the team back a few years. we should have began a search for a new QB when the team knew Kolb wasnt the guy...instead C.K. wasted the team's time in the belief that he could be turned into a winner. maybe that was on AR, but either way i aint congratulatin' nuttin'!!

just glad he's gone. no boo, no clap

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