I was one of the few, probably the only, people who never bought into the Vick-Kelly offense at the beginning of last season and when Foles took over and started tearing it up I remained skeptical. Mainly what I saw was teams being overaggressive and getting themselves out of position making it easy for Foles to beat them with big plays.

I've always felt that the best way to stop the Foles-Kelly offense was just to stay disciplined and keep the Eagles in front of you and force Foles to drive it up in down the field. Last year when the Vikings and Cowboys did just that they had a great deal of success outside of a few miracle plays.

Tonight the Steelers copied that strategy and executed it well but it did no good. They forced the Eagles to drive up and down the field but the Eagles O just surgically carved them up. Now, it's just one preseason half and the Steelers are notoriously slow starters on defense, but that doesn't make the Eagles utter offensive domination tonight meaningless.

Definitely there is a lot of reason to be optimistic about the Eagles O going into week 1.