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Full Version: Today or Tomorrow?
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The thread about 2001 vs. 2013 got me thinking.

Is it wise to do a slow build of expectations?

Is is wise to play for today?

How are SB teams built?

Slow build with many years of playoff experience prior to making the SB jump?

Out of the blue, flashes of greatness?

Since the Eagles went to the SB in 2004 season, there have been nine SB and 18 participants.

Here is a list of those 18 teams broken down by how many yers thye made the playoffs in a row before getting to the SB:

0 years - 4 teams (ie, they didn't make the playoffs the year before the SB)
1 years - 6 teams
2 years - 4 teams
3 years - 0 teams
4 years - 4 teams

So out of 18 teams, 10 of them either didn't make the playoffs the year before, or made it just oe season prior to going to the SB.

8 of the 18 made the playoffs with two or more years of playoffs prior to getting to the SB.

There have been the same number of SB teams who didn't make the playoffs the year before than who went to the playoffs in each of four seasons before. Also as many that made the playoffs two years in a row before ging to the SB.

It would appear that the time to go all in was this season.

I don't really think there is such thing as "going all in" in the NFL. How many of those teams made significant free agent acquisitions which led to their success?

I suspect most of those teams got major production from their 2-4 year players. With that being the case, I think next year is going to be our real best shot.

I think this year is real similar to 2001. We might make a deep run in the playoffs, but I would be surprised if we came out of the NFC.

Next year...that's the year (as cliche as that is to say).
I was a bit worried after the first two games, but watching tonight I feel much better. They are clearly playing better as a team, in all phases this week.

What exactly is all in? Even if they ease up a bit on these new rules for D holding or contact, I still think it will have a negative impact on teams like Seattle, San Fran, and even AZ. I'll wait and see how the season starts before prognosticating about who will dominate the NFC this year. Anything could happen, and I am feeling more optimistic watching them tonight.
Since there isn't a game thread, I'll post it here...

Sanchez looks really impressive. It's amazing how different QB's develop when dealing with a strong offensive coach vs. a defensive guy. I suspect had he been drafted by a better offensive coach, his career would have turned out differently.

I watched him absolutely tear apart a pretty good PSU team in the 2009 Rose Bowl and thought he was going to be a good pro.

If I were Bill O'Brien, I'd try to make a play for him. He's only 27 years old.
Well, after y'alls game with the Steelers I'm ready to project you guys as the class of the East this year. As a matter of fact, I think you guys have a reasonable shot of breaking the 10-6 barrier that has been the Easts version of a standard of excellence lately.

I'm waiting till our next game to project whether we have a shot at second, or if I should go ahead and concede that to Washington now. They're starting to feel like a 9-7 team so it don't look good.

Our defense is absolutely gutted, while our offense should be high powered right up to the point Romo's back gives out and a human crater named Weeden replaces him. If we start out fast enough, I give us a decent shot of making 8-8 again.

I don't know what to make of New York. Somehow the wheels seem to have come off up there.
A reminder,

THIS year is the year!

Go for it.
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