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Full Version: Some benchmarks for Super Bowl Teams
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I was looking to see how the two SB teams ranked in certain key stats to take a look and see if I think the Eagles could match those norms this year.

I think we can.

The stats I looked at were ranks in offensive yards, points scored, def yards allowed, def points allowed and turnover margin.

I took the ranks of the two SB participants in each year from 2002-2013, and took the median of each of these ranks to show what the typical conference champion ranks in the above stats. The median rank is the number that half the team is below and half above. It takes out the variaton that the average would produce.

Here's what I came up with:


Offensive Yards = 9th
Offensive Points = 9th
Defensive Yards = 11th
Defensive Points = 7th
Turnover Differential = 6th

Out of the 24 team sample, I was curious as to how many times a team was ranked below average (16th of 32 teams) and still managed to make it ot the SB.

Offensive Yards - 5 times
Offensive Points - 4 times
Defensive Yards - 10 times
Defensive Points - 6 times
Turnover Differential - 2 times

So it looks like turnovers are most important and only 8% of the time are below average turnover differential teams in the SB. It looks like offense is more important and has less below average participants than defense, which is good for the Eagles.

I think the Eagles can reach most of the above, with the exception of defensive points.
The key to our success depends on whether Foles can perform at (least) 80% from last season.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Aug 10 2014, 09:28 PM) *
I think the Eagles can reach most of the above, with the exception of defensive points.

You're prejudging the defense, hopefully unfairly. Once a team gets to the post season anything can happen. I'm thinking that Kelly has almost as good a grasp of those kind of stats as Mikey Numbers does and is using them as part of his blueprint for the team. I'm anxious to see how Chip does this year almost as much as I am to see how the team does. Last year he made a few head scratchers, but if anything he sure seems to be analytical and even self critical.
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