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Full Version: Happenings of the Ass Backwards NBA
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So we take Lin off their hands AND get perhaps a first round pick with it to do them a favor of taking him off their hands so they clear cap space.

They get nothing from us in return, except cap room.

Rumor has it, we would then likely CUT Lin, so as not to have him in anyway have a positive impact on our season record in 2014-15.

It just feels so wrong.

I know they need the cap room. And I know we need assets and we don't want to win etc etc and I know we need to spend a minimum amount is salary which we're no where near. But jeez.

But as Herm Edwards says; The object is to WIN the game!!

It amazes me how this league lasts with this ass backwards stuff that has to go on.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Jul 5 2014, 03:52 PM) *
It amazes me how this league lasts with this ass backwards stuff that has to go on.

Seriously. No other professional sports league exists where 1/3 of the league is trying their best to lose every game just to get better draft position.
I found this article on the general subject very amusing: Players 'Worth More Dead Than Alive'

Didinger discussed the Lin trade possibility on his show today, he was extremely unenthusiastic about the idea. He thinks Lin would be very unhappy seeing limited minutes behind MCW, and any interest from the fans would be fleeting vs. the various problems with having an unhappy player sitting on the bench. So, D would take the 1st and just cut Lin.

It says a lot about the state of sports in Philly right now that the main story is how Noel looked in a meaningless glorified scrimmage down in Florida.

As a sidenote to this topic, on the same show D and M mentioned how even if the Phillies were a bad team, you'd at least have some reason for hope if they had a few young players showing improvement and their fundamentals were OK. Neither is happening, and the latter problem is an indictment of Sandberg, in that if anything their fundamentals in doing the basics like yelling out who'll catch the ball while in the air, and knowing where to throw the ball to when they catch it, have, if anything, regressed since Manuel has left.
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