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Full Version: Talent + fit
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Lots of people criticized the Eagles for not pursuing Bird in FA and jumping right on Jenkins not to mention releasing an all Pro WR. I'm not suggesting that their approach is flawless and is better than keeping the most talented players and adjusting the schemes to their talent, but it sure does seem that Kelly has very specific things he wants in his players. I don't think that's to the exclusion of talent, but he seems to prefer the talented players who fit his schemes over perhaps more talented players who may not fit so well.
"Marcus (Smith II) has shown to do it in college, that’s one of the biggest things that attracted us to (him). The defense he ran at Louisville under (then head coach) Charlie Strong is very, very similar to what we’re asking him to do here. That’s why (we thought) he was such a nice fit for us."
"We’re teachers, they’re players," Davis said. "We have to teach them how to play together and how to fit together, and the better job of teaching we do – and we have an outstanding group of teachers – that’s how you get ahead and become a dominant team defense. It’s not the star players that can win one-on-one, as much as it is 11 guys really playing fast together. And we’re a lot further along this year than we were last year."
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The Eagles are advocates of evidence-based drafting. When they project prospects to their scheme, they lean heavily towards guys who have already shown they'll fit. That's one of the reasons they were drawn to Smith in the first place.
Time will tell on Smith.

"System" players brings back bad memories for me. I tend to think it is the players more than the system and one of the good things about this staff was their molding the systme to fit players' strengths.

Listening to Davis and Chip, and the players' vibes around camp is very encouraging.

My beef is that they would be a better team ready to win this year in the Not For Long, if they had went out and spent Jackson's money on finding talented players, system or otherwise, to make this team better.

My fear is the poor planning and/or lack of spending his money will leave us a player or two shorter than where we could be and I fear that where we could be was a very nice place and better than where we will end up this year.
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