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Full Version: Fucking Unbelievable!!
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From the time I was 9 years old, yes 9 years old, I was taught as an OF, when we played in our fenced in little league field, was to go to the fence, fell fot the fence, and then get the ball.

On a fly ball with plenty of height and plenty of room, clueless Domonic Brown drifts back lazily and then has his glove hit the wall before having the chance to catch it, thus leaving Freeman on third with a triple.

That is totally unacceptable.

Get him off my fucking team and fire the coaches who allow it.

It's a shame they don't have coaches who teach nine year old little league drills in this organization.

I would kill Sandberg in the post game presser for that.

And he was the number one minor league prospect in the majors a few years back.

and DeFratus got out of the inning and I don't care if Brown redemms himself later on.

Begone Domonic.

I want guys who know the game.
Thankfully I've stopped watching them, and I'm about to ditch the direct tv sports package for a few years, seeing as how it's 4-5 years minimum until we're back in contention. We're the Mets of PA.

That being said, I've always been frustrated with major leaguers who completely suck in the outfield. It's one thing to be slow with poor range, and to have a bad arm, provided you do your job at the plate (which Brown doesn't). But to not be able to catch a fly ball?!?!? Ugh.
As this says, as Howard goes so go the Phillies, and that's the way its going to be for the next couple of seasons thanks to his contract which remains an albatross. He'll probably never see his mid-2000s days of leading in HRs again, but if he's hitting for power and staying healthy, there's enough pieces around him to make things interesting in the division. Unfortunately, at his age the health will always be a concern, and he always seems to be in hitting rut cycles. Schmidt had the same problems with consistent hitting, pretty much every big hitter does, but we're not a good enough team to win around that when its happening.

Fortunately Lee's rehab seems on course, and Hamels looks like Hamels again.
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