Obviously, the DL is critical to the success of the entire unit both against the pass and the run (ain't I brilliant). Curry supposedly has added 15 lbs to increase his weight to 280. Not huge for a 3-4 DE but better than last year. The guy seems really motivated to step it up this year and if he does he could have an impact on obvious passing downs which would help the DBs (a real genius here). I'm really pulling for Vinny, not just for the defense's effectiveness, but because he grew up a rabid Eagle fan.

The adjustment from an outside edge rusher to an inside rusher can be difficult. Instead of tackles, you're frequently dealing with guards, whose girth gives them an advantage over you in short-area confrontations. You're also not able to take advantage of your speed like you can when you line up on the outside.

Curry said he has spent a lot of time in the film room studying quicker interior pass-rushers, including ex-Eagles Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson. Curry's burst was evident in that first sack against the Chiefs last year when Kansas City tried to slide its protection on a bootleg and he blew through the line between right tackle Eric Fisher and tight end Kevin Brock and dragged down Alex Smith for a 6-yard loss.

"You try to study what they did and how you can use what they did to help you," he said. "Though there are some things you can't do because you're not 320, 330 pounds like them."

Curry had 31 quarterback sacks, hits or hurries in only 228 pass-rush opportunities last season (13.6 percent), according to Pro Football Focus. That's actually a higher percent than Cole (11.4 percent), who had a team-high eight sacks, Barwin (9.6) and Cox (8.9).
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