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Full Version: This guy is impressive!
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"I think you start worrying about numbers and you stop worrying about what youíre doing, thatís where you mess up because none of that really matters," he said. "Iím happy for those guys if theyíre doing well. But my most important thing is being successful with my teammates. All that business stuff, all that other stuff will take care of itself down the road.

"But the most important thing is you get a contract like that because youíve played well and youíve shown that you can be that guy for the franchise, whereas I have to continue to prove that each and every day. I have a lot of guys on this team that look to me to go out here and work hard. When Iím playing out there, thereís no dollar sign on me when Iím throwing the ball. Iíve gotta throw the ball because Iíve grown up playing this game, grown up being a quarterback. So I have to do it to the best of my ability, and at the end of the day, weíll see what happens."
Linc ...

Foles has the luxury of not having to worry about money. He comes from a rich family. It shouldn't be an issue for him.
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