I'm still curious how much a year of experience working for the mad scientist will make, not just on defense but the whole team. Will Kelly's sports science, up-tempo, smoothie enriched program make a difference in-and-of itself? Jenkins opines:
"... I think last year was the first year, guys were kind of tip-toeing in and I think this year, everybody has bought in.

I'm sold on the offensive scheme. Run first, spread the D, find the weak link and use it. One thing I don't remember being discussed about Jackson and his release was the stress his talent put on the defense. He had the ability to move the team down the field in big chunks which isn't bad until the defense returns to the field still winded. If the offense can use the same plan with more plays they should put even more stress on the opposing defense and give their own defense more recovery time.

I'm stoked ... can't wait to see Kelly's Eagles v 2.0! Ertz and Matthews crossing the middle, precise routes with Maclin, the addition of Sproles, and more Shady. I also want to see what one player difference can make to the defense. Jenkins wasn't exactly embraced when signed but I think his brains and 3-4 experience could be the relevant difference back there. I'm not sure what the stats are, but I'm sure teams converting from a 4-3 to a 3-4 have a learning curve of a year or more before they start to acclimate.