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Full Version: 49ers - Cap strapped on May 31st
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Before June 1st, SF had a real tight cap situation, then they used the June 1st cut provision to delay some of the hit on a big contract which freed up a few millions (the rest to hit next year) and got them from a poor cap to a fair cap.

Now they go out and sign Kaep for over 60M guaranteed and guess what?? They'll have the cap room to do it.

Now imagine how tough it is to run out of cap room if you're sitting on 20M+ of cap space like the Eagles have

Answer - it is impossible to run out. So please put all chicken little worries about the Eagles running out of cap room because all these super stars we have on our great defense being due a raise in the next two years. Whenever you get worried, refer to this thread and let it rest your worried mind. Leave the idle cap threats to the unemployed capologist from Cleveland and his now Sat AM only sports talk host mouth piece and all the lemmings who follow that bs.

It ain't happening, new Foles deal or no new Foles deal.

It's just a matter of how much we're willing to commit in dollars to getting it done while the oven is hot.

We deserve an all-in commitment.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Jun 4 2014, 07:48 PM) *
We deserve an all-in commitment.

Sometimes 'all-in' just isn't the right call.
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