I went back and looked at the best undrafted free agents and looked to see which ones were a system match. Unlke year's past, the Eagles UDFA signings didn't pick any of the top ones from the source compilation.

Here are 18 UDFA's, their position and their rank on my compilation and the team that signed them:

1.A. Richardson OT (#50) MIN
2.M.Roberson CB (#65) STL
3.C. Jones 34OLB (89) CHI
4.B. Coleman WR (#107) N.O.
5.S. Skov ILB (#109) SF
6.D.Bailey FS (#123) SEA
7.J.Jeffcoat 34DE (#125) SEA
8.A. Hubbard 34OLB (#136) GB
9.J. Gayle 34OLB (#140) TEN
10.A. Steen OG (#143) ARI
11.D. Coleman 34DE (#146) JAX
12.C. Loston SS (#156) JAX
13.H. Jones 34OLB (#171) PIT
14.M.Bullough ILB (#179) HOU
15.Z. Kerr 34DT (#182) IND
16.M. Davis WR (#185) OAK
17.K. Ladler FS (#207) BUF
18.B. Coyle ILB (#229) SEA

Looks like there's a lot of talent there; 1 2nd round, 2 3rd round, 4 4th round, 7 5th round, 3 6th round, 1 early 7th round. It should be intresting to see how they do.