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Full Version: Contract Renewal Details for The New CBA
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Note it doesn't apply to our 2011 pick for obvious reasons, but should apply to the 2012 draft class.

Seems like Foles, as a 3rd round pick, is not eligible for the big 5th year options the 1st rounders get and isn't eligible for the nice 25% salary increases the 2nd roundes get, but as a 3rd - 7th round pick, he is eligible for a salary increase for a proven performance escalator clause which is equal to the Right of First Refusal Restricted Free Agent Amounts depending on how he is tendered:

Right of First Refusal, No Draft Pick Compensation = $1.323M salary
ROFR 3rd Round Draft Pick comp = $1.431M
ROFR 2nd Round Draft Pick comp = $2.187M
ROFR 1st Round Draft Pick comp = $3.113M

So Foles stands to get a nice raise in 2015 from his contracted $660K to probably the 1st round tender offer of $3.11M, a nice 2.4M increase but not a salary cap buster by any means. After 2015, he will be a free agent, in line for big pay day either by the Eagles or elsewhere. I don't know if teams are allowed to sign the picks to new deals prior to that point or not. I didn't see that in the referenced articles. AFAIK, all the guys in the '11 draft class who were 1st rounders and were any good, dd not get new long term deals but rather got the 5th year option which was either the transition tag for picks 1-10 or the average of the 3rd-25th hihgest salaries for picks 11-32.

One thing I don't think many people think about while watching the draft is the great change in earnings that happens when prospects fall and rise unexpectedly.

Here's a snapshot of the first five rounds draft picks last year by the Eagles and how different their contracts are:

1st - Lane Johnson - got a 19.9M deal over 4 years, fully guaranteed, with a SB of 12.8M and 4.9M of Roster bonuses and minimum salaries of 405K, 495K, 585K, 675K.

2nd - Zack Ertz - got 2.3M of SB and as a second round pick was able to get higher salaries of 405, 649K, 894k and 1.139M over four years. In addition to his signing bonus, his first year base plus approx half of year two base is fully guaranteed.

3rd - Bennie Logan - four year deal, 684K SB and slightly higher than minimum salaries of 405K, 530K, 637K, 745K. Only his SB is guaranteed.

4th - Matt Barkley - four years with a 497K SB and close to minimum salaies of 405K, 500K, 592K and 685K. Only the signing bonus is guaranteed. The financial hit he took by staying in school and getting injured his senior year is a life changing event he may never recover from. A mid first would have gottne him 13M guaranteed vs. the 497K he got. That hurts big time.

5th - Earl Wolff - four year deal, 212K SB, minimum salaries for all four years.

The one thing that seems to be in limbo and I can't find anywhere is what, if any, opportunities to 2nd round picks have to get increased earnings based on performance. They seem to be left out.

Ist round picks 1-10 get a fifth year option at the transition tag price (average of top 10 for their position)

1st round picks 11-32 get a fifth year option at the average of the 3rd-25th highest ranked salaries at their position.

3rd-7th round picks are eligible for a performance bonus in year four if they play in 35% of a teams' plays in two of the first three years. The amount of the salary is the right of first refusal amounts of a restricted free agent based upon what draft pick they tag him with (1.3M - 3.1M shown above)

However, I don't see anything about 2nd round picks. They do get higher approx 25% higher salaries than the minimums, but that isn't much in the big picture. Maybe they have to go to free agency after year four so that is their reward but it is odd that they don't seem to have a way to get more money in year four within the CBA.

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