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Full Version: Sammy Watkins vs Jordon Matthews
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The #4 pick in the draft, WR vs the #42 pick ... Watkins vs Matthews.
By most accounts Sammy Watkins is a dynamic athlete with rare physical attributes. Conversely, Jordan Matthews tends to get the “possession receiver” treatment when it comes to his athleticism– nothing special, but definitely usable.

The two players have almost identical physical attributes.

On the field, Matthews and Watkins were nearly identical in eight games [against common opponents]. Where Matthews shines through is that he accounted for nearly 20% more of his team’s passing offense than Watkins did. The way I interpret this is that Matthews produced the same raw stats as Watkins while shouldering much more of the burden.

Linc ... , and here ...

I haven't read about Watkins' work ethic, but it appears that Matthews' could become legendary. Already he's been singled out as the guy who requested film prior to both the Senior Bowl and his Eagles interview. I don't know if that's common, but it's impressive as is his graduating in 3 1/2 years with an Economics degree.

Gotta cure the drops though. Not huge, but not good.
Reality Fan
thanks for the link...

I did not know Matthews had a drop that written somewhere?

He had a drop at the end of one game but that was a game he had a ton of catches and yards and needed an IV in the 2nd half.....the drop was at the end of the game...he was dead....

Just curious....had not heard that one, especially since he has huge hands...
It'll be interesting to compare there numbers and the end of this upcoming season. What's the Bills receiver situation like? Matthews will the 3rd option here this while I'm guessing Watkins will be much higher up on the deep chart in Buffalo, making it hard to compare them via stats.
Jerry Rice had the possession receiver rap too. I'm okay with it.
QUOTE (HobbEs @ May 27 2014, 09:17 AM) *
Jerry Rice had the possession receiver rap too. I'm okay with it.

Cris Carter, Antonio Freeman... yeah, I'm ok with that too
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