Took a look at the 15 guys we signed as undrafted college free agents.

The Eagles normally do pretty well at this phase and get a few guys who make significant contributions. Thornton and Polk were highly thought of

This year at first blush, seems to be below our normal level.

First thing that struck me was we did not draft, nor sign an ILB at all. Ryans, Kendrick, Matthews, Knott, and Goode would seem OK, but IMO, it is worth our while to find some gems. And there were some highly rated ILB's that went undrafted.

In order of best to worst, here's what we got:

Keep in mind, 256 players were drafted. If every team picks 10 UDFA, that would mean the top 576 ranked players should either be drafted or sign as UDFA.

OT K. Graf - rated 242nd by draftscout and 290th by Drafttek. has him as a prospect with a 50/50 chance of making a roster.

TE T. Burton - rated 308th by draftscout and 354th by Drafttek. Rated as a prospect that should make a roster as a backup and ST contributor by

TE B. Annsen - rated 216th by draftscout, 410th by drafttek and as someone who has a 50/50 shot to make a roster by

RB D. Fluellen - rated 257th/334th. NFP had him rated as someone draftable in the 5th-7th and someone who would be a solid backup.

S D. Lowe - 333rd by draftscout not in top 450 of the other two.

DT W. Keliikipi, Oregon - was rated a lowly 683rd by draftscout, however he was a highly rated (for UDFA) solid starter after an adjustment period by NFP. Chip knows him we'll see.

The others and their CBS draftscout and drafttek ratings if applicable (top 1000 for CBS, top 400 for Drafttek)

OG's - Andews 566th/N.A, K. Barton 534th, D. Hawkins 525th/399th
WR's - K. Boone 546th/N.A., Q. Pratt 700th
CB - J. Fulton 552nd
RB - H. Josey 522nd
K - C. Spear 881st
DE - F. Mays - not listed in either.

Here's Drafttek's "8th" round which lists the top 50 undrafted players.

Out of those names listed in the artic, here re some favorites
OLB34 - C. Jones, J. Gayle,
ILB - S. Skov
DT - Z. Z. Kerr
DE J. Mauro, A. Hubbard.