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Here's how I see it so far. What did I get wrong in your opinion?

These guys are very likely, if not guaranteed, IMO, to be on the 53 man roster:

Name Pos. Age College
1 Foles, Nick QB 25 Arizona
2 Sanchez, Mark QB 27 USC
3 Barkley, Matt QB 23 USC

4 McCoy, LeSean RB 25 Pittsburgh
5 Polk, Chris RB 24 Washington
6 Sproles, Darren RB 30 Kansas State
7 Tucker, Matthew RB 22 TCU

8 Cooper, Riley WR 26 Florida
9 Maclin, Jeremy WR 25 Missouri
10 Matthews, Jordan WR 21 Vanderbilt
11 Huff WR 21? Oregon
12 Smith, Brad WR 30 Missouri

13 Henery, Alex K 26 Nebraska
14 Dorenbos, Jon LS 33 UTEP
15 Jones, Donnie P 33 LSU

16 Celek, Brent TE 29 Cincinnati
17 Ertz, Zach TE 23 Stanford
18 Casey, James TE 29 Rice

19 Herremans, Todd G 31 Saginaw Valley State
20 Peters, Jason T 32 Arkansas
21 Mathis, Evan G 32 Alabama
22 Johnson, Lane T 24 Oklahoma
23 Kelce, Jason C 26 Cincinnati
24 Vandervelde, Julian C 26 Iowa
25 Kelly, Dennis T 24 Purdue
26 Barbre, Allen T 29 Missouri Southern State
27 Tobin, Matt T 23 Iowa

28 Barwin, Connor LB 27 Cincinnati
29 Cole, Trent LB 31 Cincinnati
30 Ryans, DeMeco LB 29 Alabama
31 Smith, Marcus LB 22 Louisville
32 Cox, Fletcher DE 23 Mississippi State
33 Kendricks, Mychal LB 23 California
34 Graham, Brandon LB 26 Michigan
35 Logan, Bennie DT 24 LSU
36 Thornton, Cedric DE 25 Southern Arkansas
37 Hart, Taylor DE 21? Oregon

38 Williams, Cary CB 29 Washburn
39 Wolff, Earl S 24 N.C. State
40 Allen, Nate S 26 South Florida
41 Jenkins, Malcolm S 26 Ohio State
42 Fletcher, Bradley CB 27 Iowa
43 Boykin, Brandon CB 23 Georgia
44 Marsh, Curtis CB 26 Utah State
45 Watkins, Jaylen CB/S 21? Florida
46 Carroll, Nolan CB 27 Maryland
47 Maragos, Chris S 27 Wisconsin

That leaves 6 spots to be taken by the following players plus whoever else gets picked up between now and week 1.

Name Pos. Age College
Acho, Emmanuel LB 23 Texas
Allen, Beau DL 21? Wisc
Bair, Brandon DE 29 Oregon
Bamiro, Michael T 23 Stony Brook
Benn, Arrelious WR 25 Illinois
Braman, Bryan LB 27 West Texas A&M
Carmichael, Roc CB 25 Virginia Tech
Cunningham, B.J. WR 24 Michigan State
Gardner, Andrew T 28 Georgia Tech
Goode, Najee LB 24 West Virginia
Igwenagu, Emil TE 25 Massachusetts
Johnson, Damaris WR 24 Tulsa
Johnson, Keelan S 24 Arizona State
Kaddu, Josh LB 24 Oregon
Kinne, G.J. QB 25 Tulsa
Knott, Jake LB 23 Iowa State
Kruger, Joe DE 21 Utah
Long, Travis LB 22 Washington State
Maehl, Jeff WR 25 Oregon
Matthews, Casey LB 25 Oregon
Molk, David C 25 Michigan
Momah, Ifeanyi WR 24 Boston College
Murphy, Will WR 23 Oregon
Phillips, Jason LB 28 Texas Christian
Square, Damion DT 25 Alabama
Villanueva, Alejan DE 25 Army
Hunt, Phillip LB 28 Houston
Curry, Vinny DE 25 Marshall
Reyonolds, Ed S 21? Oregon
Trey Burton, WR/TE, Florida
David Fluellen, RB, Toledo
Carey Spear, K, Vanderbilt
Josh Andrews, OG/C, Oregon State
Kadron Boone, WR, LSU
Henry Josey, RB, Missouri
John Fulton, CB, Alabama
Quron Pratt, WR, Rutgers
Daytawion Lowe, S, Oklahoma State
Frank Mays, DE, Florida A&M
Blake Annen, TE, Cincinnati
Donald Hawkins, G, Texas
Karim Barton, G, Morgan State
Wade Keliikipi, DT, Oregon
Kevin Graf, T, USC
2 Sanchez, Mark QB 27 USC
3 Barkley, Matt QB 23 USC

I'm going to pray every single night that Foles doesn't get injured, because the moment he does this season is over. Is there any way we could fit him with an entire suit of kevlar?
I will be very disappointed if Henery is still our K next season.

In addition I expect Maragos to make the roster as a STer and wouldn't ink Smith in as the fifth WR just yet.
QUOTE (Eyrie @ May 10 2014, 02:41 PM) *
I will be very disappointed if Henery is still our K next season.

In addition I expect Maragos to make the roster as a STer and wouldn't ink Smith in as the fifth WR just yet.

You may be right on Smith, but I think he makes it due to ST prowess. I originally did not have him in there, but I figure they keep 6 WRs on the 53 man roster so think it is very likely he ends up being one of the final two.
Good leg work and welcome.

I'll wait until after the draft and see how it looks and chime in.

Any surprises out of OTAs so far?
QUOTE (Spock @ May 29 2014, 07:27 AM) *
Any surprises out of OTAs so far?

Maclin didn't get injured biggrin.gif
The age of offensive skill players is crazy!
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