Ertz actually went back to school after the season. He worked out in Palo Alto, Calif., with other Stanford alumni, including Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, from whom Ertz caught many passes.They worked the entire route tree, and Ertz lined up all over the place, as he did in college. The Eagles had him split wide often last training camp, but he ended up running most of his routes from inside or out of the slot.

"He's got the ability to be a flexed-out guy," Roseman said. "He can play with his hand down. He can play in the slot. He can line up outside. He's a hard guy to cover because he's got really good feet, [and] obviously he's big."

I think we're all expecting to see a lot of Zack this year, especially after DJax was released. Kelly will probably be tuning the offense more towards RAC without the stretch DeSean provided. Should be fun.

On Anthony Barr:

"I thought I was going to see a different player than what I actually saw when I studied the tape after the season. He wasn't bad, I don't want to give the wrong impression, but his take-on skills have to improve. He's not very strong at the point of attack. He does not do a good job of setting the edge. He's close to a one-trick pony as a pass rusher, in terms of just speed rush. His speed-to-power moves, they stall.

"He can still be a very, very good player at the next level. I just think it's a lot bigger of a projection, still, than I was expecting it was going to be at this point in the process. To me, I still have a late-first-round, kind of a fringe first-round grade on him I've talked to people recently who say, 'Oh, he's a top-10 pick.' That's a reach, and I think you're taking a big gamble."

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And let's try this:

6 - The Eagles' rank in terms of tackling efficiency last year. Per Football Outsiders, Billy Davis' defense missed a tackle on just 5 percent of its plays in 2013. Only five teams in the NFL had lower numbers. What makes the ranking even more impressive is that the Eagles finished last and second-to-last in that category in 2012 and 2011, respectively.

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I read mikey's post on, essentially how bad the Eagles' players were statistically. I'm not going to say that their defense is good, but we all know that statistics are numbers and numbers don't produce on the field ... just look at Mike Mamula. The point is that maybe the defense isn't as far away from what it needs to be as popular opinion would have us believe. This is the fun part, reading the opinions and watching how they compare to reality. Last year we were fooled, maybe we will be again.