In prep for the draft, looked at where our starters were drafted. As of now, our projected starters consists of:

18% 1st round picks - Cox, Jenkins, Maclin, Johnson
22% 2nd Round picks - Ertz, Ryans, McCoy, Kendricks, Barwin
18% 3rd Round picks - Mathis, Foles, Logan, Fletcher
5% 4th Round Picks - Herremans
18% 5th Round Picks - Cole, Cooper, Celek, Wolff
5% 6th Round Pick - Kelce
5% 7th Round Pick - Williams
9% Undrafted College FA's - Peters, Thornton

It would be nice to be able to get another fifth round pick this year. Doubtful that Curry or Graham could get us that.

63% of starters come from the first four rounds, 81% from the first five. We need another pick in this deep draft.