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Full Version: DJax a good pickup for Washington?
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Let's look at some of the flashy FA signings the Littlest Telemarketer has made over the years:

Dieon Sanders? Bust.
Jeremiah Trotter? Sub-par.
Bruce Smith? Old.
Albert Haynesworth? Major bust.
Brandon Lloyd? Bust.

Also, how'd the trade for McNabb work for them? Yeah...

I'm not denying DeShaun has talent but does anyone think for a minute his numbers were a byproduct of the schemes we ran here?

I have a feeling a year from know we'll all be saying Howie & Chip know when to let go of a player. Especially when said player will be asking for a new contract.

We've heard that RGIII may be a bit pampered and reluctant to accept any criticism. He and Jackson could make a very dynamic pair on the field but, then again they could be a disaster waiting to happen too.

Certainly Danny boy has been the leader of the Dream Team approach over the years. Gruden is a new HC who may or may not have any input in DJax and may or may not have any influence on players. It's possible their signing of Jackson could be as much of a risk for them as it was for Kelly releasing him. We'll see.
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