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Full Version: Interesting...Was this Howie's choice
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It does present a well argued scenario that suggests that Roseman has been looking to unload Jackson even before Chip arrived. If he suspected a training camp holdout, with historical evidence to back up the possibility, then he might have just saved us a preseason fiasco like 05.
I saw the headline of the article and was thinking, "great, a bunch of spin by a guy who doesn't want to put the blame on Kelly".

Then I read the article and came away totally convinced. This has Howie's fingerprints all over it and Chip just went along. Chip could have put his foot down and kept Desean if he felt like he needed him but that is not the same thing as Chip trying to get rid of him.

Now all the leaks make sense. They aren't trying to cover for Chip wanting him out, they are giving a bunch of different reasons because there really IS a bunch of different reasons. It isn't one thing or something big but just an accumulation of things. The previous regime was willing to put up with them but Howie is not.

I still think that the BGN guy is a douche, however.

Makes sense.

It was a money move and Howie is in charge of the till.

One curious unsolved inconsistency is the assurances Jackson thought he got from Chip One day and Chip's unflattering reply to a DJ related question the next. Then the outright cut two days later.

Did Chip lie to him?
Did DJ make his conversation up to make himself look good?
Did Howie inform Chip of his decision Tuesday night at which time Chip had to back track on Wed?

I don't get this inconsistency.
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