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Full Version: OK, my first week using a bookie
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I plan to make some small bets on football each week thin year, and seeing if I can come out ahead by the end of the year.

I depositied $50 into my online account with this bookie, and was plesently surprised to geta $5 bonus.

For my first bet, I bet $25 on a 5 game parlay. Here were by bets...
49ers at Eagles Over 41
Chiefs -1 over Raiders
Lions -1 over Bears
Rams +1 over Cardinals
Ravens-3.5 over Titans

If I had won this bet, I would have won $600+. Obviously, the Rams and Lions didn't do so hot. My lack of research killed me when I found out that Boller was out for the game for the Ravens. I knew then that I had lost this one.

To back this bet up, I put $25 on a much easier 2 game parlay.
49ers at Eagles Over 41
Lions at Bears Over 33

In this one, I won $65 profilt.

So, my total after 1 week stands at $90.

What do you think of my bets/strategy so far?
The seasoned guys will tell you that the large parlays are a bad idea, and that even two-way combinations should be rarely employed.

There's a reason why they pay at huge odds.

I was never able to get the discipline down, which is why I'm not betting this year (so far.)
QUOTE (md717 @ Sep 19 2005, 06:32 AM)
The seasoned guys will tell you that the large parlays are a bad idea, and that even two-way combinations should be rarely employed.

You sure about that?

I like the strategy, I employ it myself.
LOL, apparently not. I'm the LAST person from whom anyone would want advice on football betting.

Although, I might point out I'm ahead of you in the W&D Wagerline contest. blah.gif
J_Cuz, you got any tips for me for the upcoming week. I figure to made 2 $25 bets again this week, but the parley thing is really the only thing I know how to do.
I'm sure there is a way to make single game bets. I'd stick with 2-way parlays tops. You can also do "teasers" where you pick two games and buy a 6, 6.5, or 7 point add-on to the spread. This costs you in terms of reducing the payout, but helps in terms of loading the odds in your favor.

For example, from yesterday's bets -- You had Chiefs -1 and Rams +1. If you bought a 7 point parlay, it would become Chiefs +6 and Rams +8. But your payout would be diminished accordingly.

Now, lets look again at yesterday's bet. You put in $50 and your balance now stands at $95.

You had 4 correct picks out of 6 total. Not a bad ratio, but you got lucky that 2 of the 4 were parlayed together, or your balance would be zip.

Suppose you had made all 6 of those bets seperately for $8 each. Your balance would be (roughly) $71. ($50 + $5 bonus - $48 in bets + $64 in payouts.) Not as good as $95, but you reduced your risk of going broke almost to nothing.
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