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Full Version: Thank you for Miracle at the Meadowlands III DeSean
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Ain't nobody got time for dis... let's make a deal or cut him and move on. I'm tired of hearing about it. 15 years ago I would worry about stuff like this. Not now. Trade or cut the little biotch and let's stop reading and hearing about this story. Next stop, draft day.

Thanks DJax, you must rank high on the Giants list of most hated Eagles. I appreciate that. Goodbye.
I don't like the turmoil and in many ways I hate to lose DJax. Regardless, nothing takes away this sweet moment and many other thrills he provided us.
I've probably watched that video two hundred times.

So much so, that I know how far along different parts are (Vick's scramble, Coops onside recovery). Still probably the craziest game I've ever watched. I can remember jumping up and down and my otherwise quiet apartment building at the time going completely nuts. I think every fan will always remember exactly what they were doing when Jackson ran that kick back.

This sucks. Maybe Jackson was doing drivebys, maybe Chip just flat out doesnt like Desean. Who knows? But it still sucks.

I'm just hoping Jackson goes somewhere in the AFC.
QUOTE (make_it_rain @ Mar 28 2014, 04:35 PM) *
I'm just hoping Jackson goes somewhere in the AFC.

I hear the Jets are looking for ex-Eagles..... wink.gif
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