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Quite a few of you are disappointed in what the Eagles have accomplished in FA. I get it. Worst safety group ever and they add a 2nd/3rd tier converted CB who admits he needs work on tackling, resign their own disappointing second round pick and a special teams ace. Then add a relatively unproductive CB. Ouch!

But the thing that worries me isn't as much the DBs but the pass rush. The guys covering will be much better if there's consistent pressure on the QB and as much as I like Cole and Barwin, Cox, Logan and Thorton, the fact is they weren't consistent in getting the pressure last year.

So, my question: do you feel better about the DBs if the Eagles find a way to significantly improve the pass rush?
Short answer: yes, absolutely. The best secondaries always have good pressure up front.
Agree - we need a pass rushing OLB, DE, DT and another S to complete our defence.
Just reviewed some stats on our D to try to isolate a problem (pressure vs. coverage)

The anatomy of our defense:

TOP/G = 32nd 33:36 MPG on the field. (shared with offense and defense)
Yds/Game = 29th
Penalties per Game = 25th (18th in penalty yds.)
Sacks = 20th with 37 sacks
Yards Per Play = 20th
Pts Per Game = 17th
Interceptions = T8th
Fumble Recoveries = T5th

I thought we tackled well as a group, and hustled pretty well, but I think we sucked at coverage.
Sure, because the opposing QBs had all friggin day to pass the ball half the time.
Flying Dutchman
We sit here and oooh and aaah about the Seasqwauks and how they got great performances from nobodies. After reading a few comments among them today from Barwin, I can't wait to see what Braman may turn out to be. Is he just a super dooper STer? Or with the size and speed and 'tude that we "ideally" seek is he a youngster with a real future as an OLB on our D as well?
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