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Full Version: 1 year Deal for Nate Allen
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Oh well.

What can I say? I'm not totally opposed to this considering the price of $1 million, and it's obvious we weren't bringing in
anyone else besides Jenkins. Looks like we're done at safety for the off-season.
I'm fine with it. Price is right and at the end of the day we need bodies at safety, period.

Going into FA we had Wolff, Nate Allen and Keelan Johnson at safety. Thats it.

Allen improved a lot in the second half of last year to the point where he was basically serviceable. Bringing him back for a season for 1M adds some solid depth to the position, plus he's already familiar with the system, etc...

Really curious to see what happens in the draft now though.
s'OK. Allen seemed to do better in Davis' system, and its only a 1-year deal. I don't think we were going to find a clearly better S in the market at this point, either.

This at least allows us the flexibility to go into the draft and not reach for safety prospects in any particular round if the board shakes out that way. It also serves notice to Wolff and any rookie safeties that nothing will be given to them, which is a good position for the team to be in.
I'm relaxed about Allen. He's depth, and I still expect a S to be taken early in the draft to compete with Wolff for the job of partnering Jenkins.

Two million for one year.

I think we're good on D. This year with Another year in this system and these guys will be a top ten D.

Just draft best available regardless of position.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Mar 17 2014, 06:22 PM) *
Just draft best available regardless of position.

That seems to be the purpose of this FA period. They can still use a pass rusher but otherwise they have "OK" and "potential" which equals competition. Now whatever the board tells them they can do.
Sorry Z, my post was not sincere. I was going to hint at such but decided not to.

I am just so disappointed I said fuck it.

I'll just get with the program and assume they know what they're doing on the defensive side of the personnel chart.

It just isn't worth the aggrevation.
Shoulda seen that, guess I'm getting slower. The consensus from most people I read and listen to seems to be that they're building a team the right way even if it isn't the sexy way and when it comes down to it all I care about is if they win.
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