Four New Deals were signed this week. So how do they effect our cap??

First we need to look at Peters and Kelce since they were extensions of existing deals. Looking at their cap values of the new deal versus cap values of their old deals shows that the two deals create 500K of new cap for this year:

Peters Old Cap = 10.0M (9.650 Sal + 350K roster bonus)
Peters New Cap = 8.292 (1.750 Sal, 5.0M Roster bonus, 0.25M workout bonus, 1.292M proration of signing bonus)
'14 Cap Savings = 1.708

Kelce Old Cap = 1.414M (1.389 Sal, 25K SB proration)
Kelce New Cap = 2.622 (1.398 Sal + 1.224M proration)
'14 Cap Cost = 1.208

Net '14 Cap Savings combined = 0.5M

Now Cooper:

His new cap number is only 1.8M, with 1.0M base and 800K proration of signing bonus ($4M SB over 5 yrs)

So with the three combined, it cost us 1.3M total of '14 cap space.

Now the official info is not yet out on Maclin (or Macklin as some would say) but here's what I can gather:

He is guaranteed a minimum of 3.5M and can earn an extra 2.0M thru a series of active roster bonuses of 125K per game for each game he is on the active 46 man game day roster.

He also has another 0.5M of performance incentives which could bring the total up to 6.0M

That being the case, I would think his cap hit for this year would be 3.5M plus a good piece of the 2.0 as likely to be earned.

Figure around 5.0M cap number for Maclin. I will pass along the actual when it comes out.

So after the $10M increase in the cap (way more than anyone expected), with the approx. $20M+ of money we didn't spend last year that rolled over to 2014, after the impact of all the new deals, we are still sitting at more than $21M of available cap room for this year.

Life is really really good in the NFL and better in Philadelphia and some say the cap may be $150M in two years.

It should continue to be a really rewarding free agency period. It all starts march 11th!!

This site is awesome BTW for any cap geeks out there: