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Full Version: Barwin is a pretty smart guy!
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This is a really well written, interesting article that I recommend as a must read.

I’ve seen countless articles discussing how bullying or homosexuality is dealt with in an office setting and others comparing our workplace with the traditional American workplace. But let’s get something straight: My job is very, very different from your job.

Not many sane, rational individuals would voluntarily choose to play a game that threatens to take years off your life, possibly lead to CTE, and leave your joints feeling like rusty bicycle chains. What you do have, however, is one of the most diverse melting pots in the world. “Parks and Rec” has nothing on the character ensemble I work with every day. Cowboys from Texas locker next to rappers from L.A., guys blasting “Yeezus” on the stereo across from guys talking about Jesus with the chaplain, married guys with three kids next to married guys with three girlfriends.

When I got to the Eagles last year, I spoke to my former Texans teammate DeMeco Ryans and others about what went wrong with Philly’s disastrous 4-12 campaign in 2012. The team lacked cohesion, guys didn’t care about their teammates, guys were undisciplined. In other words the locker room went wrong. We began to put systems in place.

If Michael Sam can play football, if he proves that he wants to be part of the TEAM, it doesn’t matter who he sleeps with at night. He will not only be accepted in an NFL locker room, he will make it stronger.
Good article.

His experience with his gay brother puts him years beyond the average NFL player
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