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Full Version: FA targets?
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I read that Cooper may move on as the Eagles concentrate on re-signing Maclin. With apparently a very deep draft at WR that kind of makes sense to this DKD. I have no clue what the team is thinking about Nate Allen but assuming he's let go they'll need someone to provide a vet presence alongside Wolff and a rookie. There are other needs besides WR and S that the Eagles could target in FA that would position them to be able to take BPA: DE, DT and OLB. Here's a guess list:

1. OLB - Jason Worilds, Steelers ... 25 years old, would essentially eliminate the need OLB pick
2. WR - Dexter Mcluster, Chiefs ... 25 years old, returner and slot; add in a draft pick with size
3. S - Malcom Jenkins, Saints ... 26 years old, not the top tier but experienced and has talent
4. DE - Everson Griffen, Vikes ... 26 years old; some things I've read have this guy as a solid player despite not being a starter
5. DT - Vance Walker, Raidahs ... 27 years old; assuming the team believes in Logan, Walker would be the backup.

I don't think any of these guys are supposed to be top tier FA but sound like the kind of players the Eagles pursue. Would Worilds rotate with Cole? If they sign Mcluster then draft De'Anthony Thomas on day 3 they'd have competition and two returners. Jenkins would be less costly than either Ward or Byrd and is from NJ. There's been some talk that Griffen could be tagged by the Vikes and could be an OLB instead of DE.
I think you need to set your sights a little higher.

The mid tier FA technique may be helpful going from piss poor bad to respectable, but it isn't going to get you from respectable to good.

Our mid tier FA's from last year, Fletcher, Chung, Phillips (S), Sopaoga, played like the average at best players they were.

Williams was a tad above average FA, and played OK, Barwin a top tier guy who played well and Casey an upper tier guy who had no spot on the team.

I'm like a little kid. I want I want I want, three of these:

FS - Byrd
SS - Ward (may be able to play FS)
34OLB - Orakpo, Worilds
CB - Verner, V. Davis, Munnerlyn
OG - Schwartz, Saffold
34DE - A. Jones, T. Jackson
WR - Decker, Tate
QB - ???. Need a veteran to compete for the backup with Barkley

I'd be most willing to sign both Cooper and Maclin and forego the WR FA market. It would be cheaper and more effective to sign our own, plus we should be able to get a decent backup WR with decent upside in the 3rd-4th round of the draft.
This would suck and would result in both top FA S being taken off the market:
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Feb 22 2014, 07:44 PM) *
This would suck and would result in both top FA S being taken off the market:

Yeah, that would stink if Byrd got tagged. I've been saying for month's that there's no chance that Ward hits the market, so I just always assumed he wasnt an option. I sort of held out hope that since Byrd got tagged last year they wouldn't tag him again....looks like that's not the case, and although Byrd will surely be pissed, he really can't do shit about it.

Ward could theoretically hit the market if the Pettine and the Browns try to get Byrd to Cleveland through a trade, which would be an ideal scenario for the Eagles. But, assuming Ward and Byrd are off the market, that leaves basically this list of FA safeties:

Donte Whitner
Chris Clemons
Bernard Pollard
Louis Delmas
Antoine Bethea
Malcom Jenkins
Mike Mitchell

I'm firmly of the belief that we have to pick up a safety preferably one strong in coverage through FA. I think we can rule out Whitner because while he's pretty good, he'll cost a ton of money and probably wont leave San Fran anyway.

I'm not sure why the Eagles seem to have little interest in Clemons, and to a lesser extent Delmas though. Both are pretty solid in coverage, still relatively young, and won't break the bank like a Byrd or Whitner. At least on the surface this appears to jive with the whole philosophy Howie has laid out of not overspending, etc. They could have gone after Clemons last year and showed no interest, and I read a report somewhere that the eagles have no interest in Delmas either.

I still think they have to get someone though. Do we really want Wolff, (maybe) Nate Allen and likely one or two rookies holding the fort at safety?
I'm not sure why Cleveland would let Ward go to trade for Byrd. That's a head-scratcher for me.

I still think Jenkins could be a target for the Eagles. He's doesn't have the "length" (I love how vocabulary evolves) the Eagles claim they look for, but he's young, talented, presumably affordable and from NJ. He hasn't been a top tier player but he's been the Saints' defensive captain the past two years and is supposed to be a hard worker and a film rat. He could be a starter and mentor Wolff and a rookie. He would pair nicely as FS with a guy like Pryor (or Bucannon) at SS who's supposed to be a knock out hitter/intimidator and should be there at 22.
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