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Full Version: Celek's offseason workout
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Kinda interesting article on Brett Celek's offseason workout techniques in the WSJ, and Chip Kelly's influence:;mg=reno64-wsj
NFL Player's Off-Season: Swapping Cleats for Yoga Mats
Brent Celek of the Philadelphia Eagles swaps field drills and wind sprints for yoga and Pure Barre
...Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who joined the team last January, is partly responsible for Mr. Celek's new focus on rest and recovery. The shift in training philosophy meant players now followed up practice with made-to-order smoothies, stretching sessions and massages.

He has embraced Mr. Kelly's approach to fitness. "This year, coach talked a lot about getting more sleep and eating right," he says. "I never felt better than I did this season and I want to keep up those habits."

While I loved Reid for most of his time here, I think near the end he may not have been as up-to-date on the cutting edge of things like conditioning and nutrition as he probably was coming here from being an young assistant, or as Kelly is right now coming from college.

And related, here's an article by ex-NFL player Matt Bowen on why 2nd year players tend to improve dramatically over their rookie season:

(College) players will lean out, drop weight and get into "testing shape" to post solid numbers at the NFL Scouting Combine and at their pro days back on campus. But while these pro hopefuls are looking to turn a 4.5 40 into a 4.45 time in Indianapolis, they aren't in a football-specific lifting/running program like the veterans in the offseason.

This shows up on the field during minicamp and OTAs as rookies lack the proper football conditioning to compete. And while they are thrown into a pro-strength program during the spring, these young players struggle to catch up to the veterans.

However, that first offseason provides these second-year players the opportunity to train like pros. They can begin to work on functional football movements in the weight room—Olympic lifting, for example—while improving their conditioning, lateral speed and linear speed out on the field.

I think this will show up dramatically for a guy like Barkley, who was injured much of the draft evaluation process and didn't have the opportunity to do even a regular strength and conditioning program, since he was doing drills to rehab instead.
While I loved Reid for most of his time here, I think near the end he may not have been as up-to-date on the cutting edge of
things like conditioning and nutrition

Ya think?

I don't think Reid is the only person who is not up-to-date on these things. I think, for the most part, the whole NFL is behind the times with nutrition. I am very happy to hear Chip bringing this to the team. I don't think it was an accident we were so healthy throughout the season. Good nutrition means everything to your body. If you look at the pro athletes in the non-major sports, you'll see how they are eating correctly to compete. It's only a matter of time before this trickles into the major sports. When it does, I predict you'll see more records broken and more amazing things done.
I read an article about Manchester City a few months ago and they have personalised drinks for each player to aid recovery after training sessions.
Flying Dutchman
Chips approach seems much more in line with current fitness principles. My money says that not only does it improve
the performance of some like Celek but it will extend the playing careers of several players including our now maturing OL.
Everybody thinks they are soon toast because of age but I believe, based on knowledge and personal experience that
it is now very much possible to maintain a high level of performance past the traditional expected age limits with the right
training, nutrition and supplementation.
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