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- Re-sign Nate Allen and Colt Anderson then draft a safety. Allen has been improving, Wolff should be better and a high pick should provide competition and at least solid depth. I'd be ecstatic if they were able to get Ward from Cleveland for a reasonable price and allow them to move the S need down in the draft but they need to be looking at their FA money for next year, especially if Foles plays like he has been.

- Re-sign Cooper and find a replacement for (Jet) Maclin in the early rounds of the draft. Coop may not be as good a WR as Mac is but he's more durable, a better and more willing blocker and he's tougher; ultimately he's probably less expensive too. This draft is supposed to be very deep at WR.

- Sign LB Worilds from the Steelers. Graham isn't a LB and despite his positive transition to the spot, Cole is a year older and questionable in coverage. The team is only carrying 3 OLB and they stay with that they need to have a legit player at OLB. If not a FA OLB they will have to draft one fairly early or work some kind of trade ... this is a need!

- Barkley as #2 and draft a young player they can mold. Kelly's system seems to be QB friendly and Barkley was coming off injury and didn't benefit from a full off season.

- Keep their MLB if they like their MLB ... period. wink.gif It would be helpful if they could renegotiate with him and keep him for less but I'm still OK if they pay his contract because he's still the main leader. I'm not sure about Goode even if he did fill in nicely for Kendricks so they need to find another MLB in the draft.

- Keep Logan as the starting NT. Logan is a leader in the making and a gamer. He's supposedly dedicated to gaining weight. Add a mid rounder for backup.

Not a lot to argue with there, although I'd like serious competition for Logan and a new K.

Also, can I have another DE, CB and G please?.
Here's my wish list:

I had FS, OLB, CB, SS, OG, DE

You have FS, WR, OLB, QB, ILB, DT

Both of us are ok with filling some in FA. I like Worrilds and would go with one of the two FA Safties and I would sign both of our WR's.

If we could get two of those three needs in FA, that would be OK, three would be optimum.

I think we need a veteran backup QB. Barkley was flat out horrible and I wouldn't want to assume a backup role for him.

He could come in and compete for the #2, but his play did not warrant the #2, nor the benefit of competing against a green rookie.

Ideally MV7 comes back with a premium backup package. If anything happened to Foles, he would be great to have.

I'm surprised you are OK with our CB's. They were both good tacklers but poor in coverage (Boykin exception). I think we need an upgrade at that spot

Draft a CB early, put him in the starting lineup mid year, and let he, Williams and Fletcher compete for the top two spots, the loser goes to #4 (Boykin the slot guy)

I'm actually not ok with letting maclin go.... I think we need him as our #2 and Coop can be our body across the middle and also do very well in a 3-4 wr set screen game

Avant, not Maclin might be our odd man out in our WR depth...

Guys like allen,Kendricks, Wolff need another year in the SAME system to show us what true potential they have. They have yet to settle.

Vick could actually stick around and retire an eagle as a backup if he agrees to a pay cut, I wouldn't be against keeping him on board if the price was right. He has shown that he is a team player first and who would you want to replace foles if he went down?

One thing to consider:
How much cap money do you commit to WR?
Ten million for Jackson, three million or more for both Cooper and Macklin. That 16million excluding signing bonus portions. I'm OK with that but it may be against the guide.
we have the money to make it happen, Great teams make big moves and I think the spotlight on shady will be lessened if our receiving core is what it can be
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