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Full Version: B.j Raji
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I was just reading something on Bleacher Report and in the article talks about Raji and says

"Paul Soliai is nice, but the signing would lack upside, which is why it still probably falls on the unlikely side as far as the Birds are concerned. B.J. Raji, on the other hand, fills that void in the middle of the Eagles defense while adding the potential to develop into a great player.

What happened to Raji is something of a mystery. The ninth-overall pick in 2009, the 337-pounder reached superstar status early in his career. He helped the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl in 2010, went to the Pro Bowl in 2011 and has even starred in State Farm commercials with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The production has fallen off of a cliff though, and it actually began in his Pro Bowl season. He hasnít recorded a sack in either of the last two seasons despite playing 30 games, and thatís with a position change in the middle, as the Pack tried to jump-start Raji by moving him from nose tackle to end. Numbers aside, he hasnít made much of an impact in a while.

Raji will only turn 28 this year, so there has to be something left in the tank, one would think. Could the Eagles be the franchise to tap into his potential once again?

Itís an interesting option for the Birds to consider. Raji may be looking at some kind of ďprove-itĒ deal, either a straight one-year pact or a structured contract where he only sees the money in future years if he sticks on the roster. That sounds perfect for a team looking to build through the draft, but it could have a great, young player fall right into their laps.

Raji has the scheme versatility the Eagles love, along with the size up front they so desperately need. He still wonít come cheap, probably starting around $5 million per seasonóeven Isaac Sopoaga got three years, $11 million out of Philly last yearóbut Raji could be well worth the Investment "

What's your thoughts? I would be ok with them pursuing this if they did. Thinking back to there super bowl run he was a force in the 3-4
D Rock
That kind of fall off in production pre 30 years old smells to me like a former PED user going clean.

That said, if you can get him in camp on a one year deal heavy on the incentives, I'd give him a shot based on previous production. But it's been 3 years since he was even just decent.
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