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QUOTE (MrNawts @ Jan 26 2014, 11:30 PM) *

That's a surprise.

I didn't have ILB on my wish list as I don't think many others did.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Jan 27 2014, 12:18 AM) *
That's a surprise.

I didn't have ILB on my wish list as I don't think many others did.
exactly what i was thinking but i could see them addressing that, who do we have behind Ryans that your confident in? Might switvh up a lot of mock drafts
He's expensive and older, that always makes for a candidate for replacement. On the plus side for him I think he provided leadership which helped stabilize the defense, similar to what London Fletcher provided for the Redskins, and Ryans body hasn't started winding down as Fletcher's did last year.

My question would be who we're talking about replacing him with. Its all fine and good to say as the article does that he's not Patrick Willis, but that's true of most of the MLBs. Here's the ILB FAs, and here they are ranked. Seems like there's a bunch of guys coming off their rookie contracts (age 26-27) who could be available, and that's prime-of-their-career range. Could be some opportunity there, but DB remains the priority I think.
I think Kelly values Ryans' leadership and that they'll try to reduce his salary and keep him. Isn't LB a strength in this draft? I can see them drafting a guy to learn from him with the chance to "Foles" him this year or next.

This is going to be a telling off season for the Chipster. Expectations are elevated and he has some interesting personnel decisions to make: Cooper, Cole, Ryans, Graham, Avant, Curry, Vick. He needs to improve the defense overall but can't ignore the offense with two FA WRs.
I dunno...I think he's got it backwards? From what I remember Ryans was the "Ted" who took up space and Kendricks was the "Mike" who did most of the blitzing.

Either way, Ryans is the leader of this defense and after the Dawkins debacle I don't think they'll be as quick to replace him. Also, I see a bigger need at NT. I have no doubt you'd see an improvement at MLB with a big space-eater in the middle of the line.

But hey, what do I know?
D Rock
at 7 Mil annually, Willis is about the only guy you could make an argument for keeping.

Meco, be gone if he doesn't restructure.
I personally dont think he should be released, they have to work something out. Like someone else said about when dawkins left and the whole leaderahip aspect i think they figure something out
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