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Full Version: Trade for Dion Jordan?
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Total speculation on one writer's part, but that would be amazing. I didn't realize the Dolphins were playing him as a 4-3 end. That makes no sense.

I'd trade #22 in a heart beat for him.
I like this too, although as mentioned this seems like total speculation.

I don't know too much about how Jordan played this season outside of the dolphins using him sparingly and him having some problems being undersized and playing a
4-3. If anyone knows more feel free to chime in.

I do know that kelly is a big fan of his, and at least midway through the season he graded out into the top 25 defensive ends on PFF (again, to be taken with a grain of salt).

As an aside, its pretty lame that the draft is pushed back to early may this year. shit is too far away.
QUOTE (make_it_rain @ Jan 16 2014, 02:38 PM) *
I like this too, although as mentioned this seems like total speculation.

I'd trade #22 for him.
Before you get your hopes up, Miami would have to absorb a $10 million cap hit if they traded him. Makes it highly unlikely, at least this year.

Way to be a buzz kill.

I was psyched on the possibility of getting him. The 10 mill hit kills that.

It'd be about a third of their available cap space, and they have other spots they need to fill. The only way I see them doing it is if they have a guy they really like a lot when #22 comes around & their new GM is convinced Jordan will never develop in their current scheme. Graham or Curry would just be a sweetener throw-in, guys who don't really fit the 3-4 but could be more valuable in a 4-3 (just as Jordan is probably a better fit for the 3-4 we're running).

I think there's a chance this happens, but it may not be until after next season assuming Jordan continues to struggle for them; the cap hit for them then would be smaller, also. I do still believe that it would have been a difficult decision for Kelly if both Jordan and Lane Johnson had both been there when our pick came up, so if Jordan becomes available as a reclamation project we could be the place where that happens.
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