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Full Version: 1st Round Pick?
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That's CBS Sports rankings for this year's draft, sorted to include all positions.

Since we're drafting #22, see who from #17 on down you think would be the best pick for us next year.

I don't follow College FB so don't have an opinion yet. Will look at the ratings as we get closer to the draft. (May this year!!)
Justin Gilbert, easily. Rumors are suggesting Vic Beasley is going back for his Sr. year, otherwise he'd be a great option, too.

I think Calvin Pryor will start moving up as things get closer to draft day.
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Jan 11 2014, 03:58 PM) *
Justin Gilbert, easily.

Based on what is shown I'd agree - who are the top safeties in the draft? We should be focusing on Dbs first, if not DL.
Clinton-Dix and Pryor are the only two viable first round safeties I think.
You can click on the bottom to get 26-50. Some dB's are in there.
My view is that we need a DE and S, followed by OLB and CB.

So based purely on that list can Tuitt play a 3-4 DE or Shazier/Beasley a 3-4 OLB? Could see Kelly taking Benjamin at WR though with that size.

The early (very, very early) mock drafts on that site have both picking DE for us, with Tuitt being one prediction.
Positions of need, I would rank

Another safety

Assumes we sign both Cooper and Maclin
I'd think DE should be #2 on the need list. Too many QBs had all the time in the world to throw the ball.
QUOTE (Zero @ Jan 12 2014, 08:00 AM) *
I'd think DE should be #2 on the need list. Too many QBs had all the time in the world to throw the ball.

I put OLB higher because in a 3-4, the majority of your sacks come from OLB's.

4-3's it's DE.

In 3-4 DE has more run stopping responsibility.
D Rock
I dont think DE is a position of need at all. Cox needs to grow as a player, but "the experts" say he's playing well despite my own eyes telling me he sometimes has effort issues and Cedrick was easily a candidate for defensive MVP. We need OLB for sure and I place that as need 1a with safety being need 1b. But we're fine at DE.

I see our needs as . . .

1a OLB
1b Safety
2 Offensive Guard (herremens is on the down slide)
3 corner
4 corner
5 Nose Tackle
Think that's a great list.
I would have to say Justin Gilbert would be the logical choice for you guys.
Something else to note from that list: if you sort it by college, Oregon comes up on screen 26. Here's the potential draftees from Oregon/ex-Kelly players this year:
82 Terrance Mitchell CB 8 Oregon rJr 6-0 190 2-3
180 Taylor Hart DE 17 Oregon rSr 6-6 287 5-6
203 De'Anthony Thomas RB 18 Oregon Jr 5-9 170 6
211 Josh Huff WR 28 Oregon Sr 5-11 202 6
213 Boseko Lokombo OLB 21 Oregon rSr 6-3 230 6-7
243 Avery Patterson FS 11 Oregon rSr 5-9 190 7
317 Ricky Havili-Heimuli DT 25 Oregon Sr 6-4 314 7-FA
327 Brian Jackson SS 13 Oregon rSr 5-10 197 7-FA
333 Colt Lyerla TE 18 Oregon Jr 6-5 250 7-FA
466 Wade Keliikipi DT 34 Oregon rSr 6-3 306 -
734 Drew Howell LS 6 Oregon Sr 6-2 225 -
942 Daryle Hawkins WR 140 Oregon rSr 6-3 198 -

So, no 1st round prospects, but I'd expect at least 2-3 of these guys to be in our camp next year. I note that the little research that's out there on former college coaches drafting their old players indicates its more likely to happen on the side of the ball the coach specializes in, which for Chip would be offense, but overall it doesn't happen much. That makes sense: former players have the advantage of being familiar with the system being run, so you'd expect them to have an easier transition than other rookies, but the fact is that most college teams only have a handful of players who have the athletic ability to play in the NFL, much less excel. Your average NCAA player is a guy who was great in high school and is good enough to make an NCAA roster, but college is as far as their natural gifts and/or work ethic can take them.
Terrance Mitchell sounds like he'd fit what Davis looks for, at least as far as size. And, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised or disappointed if they drafted De'Anthony Thomas as a KR/PR and potential offensive wild card.
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