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Full Version: Realistically, how many new starters in draft and free agency?
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Maybe four?
Two new starters out of draft, two in free agency?
Two safeties, Olb, K?
Sign Macklin to boost wrs.

That's about it.
Think Wolff is one of our starting safeties next year. Everything else seems fair, although I think we draft a rush backer that spells Trent next year. More of a long term pick.

Maybe grab a safety in FA to start alongside Wolff. Not sure where we get the kicker.
I agree with what you guys said for the most part
1. Definitely a new kicker (please)
2. I think Wolff stays, Allen starts the season then loses job to a rookie similar to Wolff/Chung this year (or a vet in FA, but I can't see us pushing for anyone hard in FA) then Allen is a solid backup STer and maybe plays in some packages
3. OLB that spells Cole and Barwin
4. Maclin will come back and play a HUGE role
5. Not really a starter but we find a 4th CB so we never have to see Roc again
6. Solid rotational vet to rotate in with DL

**also I can see Curry getting a large increase in snaps next year, and in some way or another I think Brad Smith as well, I just hope it's nothing too gimmicky
First priority should be giving Davis more to work with at DB. I think we went as far as this current group can take us even with good gameplanning to disguise some of the limitations.

We didn't have any significant OL injuries all year, completely the opposite of 2012. I'd like to shore up OL depth if possible, since I doubt we'll be that lucky again. Herremans seemed like less of a liability as the year went along, but I still don't have a lot of faith in him anymore.

Logan was good at NT, but I don't know if I'd want to go into camp with Squire as the main backup at nose.

If Vick leaves, that opens up a slot at QB. I think they'd be OK with having Barkley as the backup, but that's an awful young quarterback group if we go with a rookie as the 3rd QB.
Flying Dutchman
Wolff will be our SS next year, healthy again and taking a big step up in his second year. He is an intelligent, hard working kid with good skills. He owns SS for several years.

Allen improved a bunch this year but still he will face stiff competition. There are some decent FAs about to hit the market but better yet is Roseman's magic wand that found Wolff in the 5th and may find us another gem this year. This would fit Kelly's mold of grow your own.

Cole came around and played well this year but with his big salary and his age, he will probably be moved to a 4-3 team. Graham played well as his backup and he will be challenged by a speedy draft pick.

By mid-season this would be two rookie starters.

I see a CB drafted high and he could go from backup to part timer, to injury fill-in, to eventual starter but more likely not until his second year.

We desperately need a good returner and that should be high on the list, probably as a WR. He would be a ST's starter. Taken high enough he could be an eventual DJ replacement but he needs to have Chip Kelly WR size.

Macklin may draw too big a salary offer elsewhere to retain him but I feel sure the Iggles-Cooper high opinion of each other will prevail and he will be back.

The other potential starter could be an upgrade in the middle of the line.

By year's end there could be 3 rookie starters on D and certainly two or three on ST's.

Davis will never let a rookie start so forget about that side of the ball right there.

Who on offense would you even want to replace?

It's frustrating from a fan's perspective but other than Chung (who will be replaced by Wolff, not an FA) there are no weaknesses amongst the Eagles starters. Every Eagles starter on both sides of the ball is a quality player.

Man, Chung frickin sucks.
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