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Full Version: Statistical Tidbits About Wild Card Matchups
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The NFL went to the four division alignment in 2002, and at that time, they started the four division winners + two wildcard teams playoff format.

In the 11 years, 2002 - 2012, there have been 22 #5 seed @ #4 seed matchups, and 22 #6 seed @ # 3 seed matchups.

Interestingly enough, the five seed has had the better record than the 4 seed 15 times of the 22, and the same record 3 times of the 22.

Despite the #5 having the better record, the #4 has won 9 of those 15.
When they had the same record, the #4 has won all 3 of the games.
the four times the #4 has the better record, they are 1-3.
So the team with the worse record has a record of 12-7
The home team (always the #4) has a record of 13-9

The #6 @ #3 matchup has a little different breakdown:

The #3 seed has only had the worse record vs. the #6 once, KC in 2010. They lost to BAL that year.
The #3 seed and #6 seed have had the same record 4 times, with the #3 only winning 1 of the 4.
The #3 seed has the better record 17 times, and has won 12 of the 17.
The home team (always the #3) has a record of 13-9.

Good news is that overall, the home team in the 3 vs. 6 wins 59% of the time.
Bad news is they win only 17% of the time when they have the same or worse record than the #6. (1 -5)

If you try to pretty it up a little, if you combine the two games, the team with the worse record wins 60% (12-8)

I was hoping for better trends going our way when I started the little research project.

I think overall records can kind of be thrown out the door here. We have won 7 of our last 8, while the Saints have lost 3 of 5.

We aren't the same team that started 3-5. The whole "you are what your record says you are" is a bunch of bs when your record is dramatically different with your current starting QB.
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