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Full Version: How about some credit for Jeff
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They had a short but decent run with Rhodes that fell apart very suddenly. Then came the unknown QB coach from Green Bay who had a very nice 14 year stay in Philadelphia. Now that dregs 4 - 12 team left behind on the garbage heap just won the NFC East! Regardless of whatever may happen in the rest of this season, Lurie seems to have made a good HC hire again.

And let's add in that it's not only what he added but what he got rid of. Joe "Rat Man" Banner is gone and took his destructive PR and personnel idiocy with him. In case you hadn't read, he fired his one year HC. Remember, he said he didn't want Kelly. He traded away his best player for a draft pick and he sucks at drafting.

Thank you Jeff.
We are lucky to have such great, stable ownership that doesn't need to interfere in the day-to-day operations. Jeff is fantastic and ultimately it will lead us to the promised land.
Think it was Collinsworth who said during last night's game that the stability offered by Lurie was a major factor in Kelly deciding to come here. Certainly has to beat the instability in Cleveland or the Tiny Tyrant in Washington.
I agree with all these posts!!

Congrats Jeff!!
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