I'm very happy with the win. Was very concerned during the game because we seemed to play very flatly on both sides of the ball. The offense never got into any kind of rhythm (O line could have done better and Shady could have made some better decisions), the defense played very well but wasn't getting much pressure on Orton, which gave him time to throw. Keeping Dallas close felt very much like so many other letdowns I've had with the Eagles over the years. Then, allowing the TD on the 4th down play which gave Dallas a chance to tie with a 2-point conversion made me feel like, "Here we go again..."

Then, something happened, a guy on defense stepped up (Williams) and made a play knocking the potential 2-point conversion pass down. Was a spectacular play. Even though it was late in the game, it seemed to energize the team. But the offense couldn't get it done to run the clock out. So we give the ball back to them.

Then something else happened. Another guy on defense stepped up (Boykin) and stepped in front of an Orton pass which was slightly behind the receiver (but not thrown horribly). More importantly, there seemed to actually be a safety over the top on that play, which may have forced the throw to be behind the receiver allowing Boykin to step in front of. All of a sudden, BAM! We're the NFC East Champs!

As I said before in another thread, I don't care how we won, I'm just glad we won. Yeah, I'd have liked to have seen them hit on all cylinders but, the Cowboys still wanted to win and all they heard all weak was how depleted they were and how they were going to get their asses kicked. Pride stepped in for them. More importantly, the Eagles showed they're capable of winning a game when they're not quite all there. Winning a must win game even in that situation. I think it was a great learning experience for them.

I'm just pleased with how they've done so much better this season than we had a right to expect (many of us never expected it). Yes, I would have been devastated had we lost last night. But we didn't. Now we look forward to the first (of hopefully many) playoff games of Chip and Fole's career. I feel we have a slight edge in this game as NO hasn't looked good on the road all season and we seemed to have gotten our mojo back at home. I only fear another letdown. Either way I'll be happy--even if they lose (although I'll be a lot happier if they win again).

Go Eagles!