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Full Version: I just Watched the 1980 NFCCG vs Dallas
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#1. You hear that they knew we wouldn't lose after Montgomery's 42 yard run early in the game.


Dallas tied it up 7-7 and we had one Fg blocked, another FG fumbled and Dallas was getting momentum late in 2nd qtr.

#2. Jaworski had a HORRIBLE day. Late in the game he was 8-27, 78 yards and two INT's and threw a lot of other balls that should have been INTs.

Combine that and the SB and that was some real shitty QB play from him, in what was by far his best season.

We won that game because of turnovers by the D and great D.

It was 4 degrees with a -17 wind chill. The fans were real loud throughout and stood the entire game.

They showed a shot of two fans with no shirts on and the one guy has an Eagles hat in one hand and a big bottle of whiskey in the other.

Oh those Vet days of BYOB!!!

Got me in the mood.

Can't wait. Trying to chill and not get the hate worked up too early.
That was a great win. I still cling to the feeling that the refs gave Oakland that SB game though. Sour grapes? Homer? Bad loser?
Awesome memories!
Chip Kelly
The entire game used to be on Youtube, but is no longer there. Lame. I do have the game from 2006 (TO's return) saved on my computer. Another great one. Been looking for their second meeting that year, which was on Christmas Eve, can't find it. Couple of great days.
I wasn't even alive for that game lol.

I CLEARLY remember 2004, however.
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