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Full Version: Playoff Possibilities
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As for the Eagles, with a win OR tie, we are NFC East Champs and have a #3 Seed, with our first playoff game at home!!

Now, who our opponent will be, there are two games(besides ours) that have an impact with four possible outcomes:


SF and NO are the better teams. However, SF has only seed to play for, as they are in and can't get a bye, and are either the 5th or 6th seed. With that being the case, ARI is favored by 7 and NO is favored by 12. Here is how it breaks down, assuming we win Sunday night:

SF & NO.........NO @ PHI, SF @ North
ARI & NO........SF @ PHI, NO @ North
SF & TB..........NO @ PHI, SF @ North
ARI & TB........ARI @ PHI, SF @ North

Interestingly, league wide, only one seed is definite, that being KC as the #5 seed in the AFC
Eight playoff berths are solidified, with four up for grabs, three in the NFC, and the 6th seed in the AFC.

In the NFC, either us of DAL win the East and CHI or GB win the North on head to head. Then there is one WC up for grabs between either NO or ARI.

As far as the % chances for the #6 seed in the AFC, MIA has a 63% shot, BAL 21%, SD and PIT 8% each.

The NFL has set it up well this year. So many games count in week 17. They have it figured out!!
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Dec 25 2013, 11:41 AM) *
The NFL has set it up well this year. So many games count in week 17. They have it figured out!!

I still say the 3 division format was better (with the top wild card getting a home game), but this year is definitely an amazing year in football with only one seed determined
so far. I can't remember the last time we entered the last week of the season with nobody having clinched home field in either conference, or no divisions clinched in the
NFC. And we get the last game of the season, with the whole nation watching!
I don't know about the old format vs. the new.

If it is the most recent "old" version, it was three divisions, with each of the division winners getting in plus three WC teams. Top two division winners got a bye and the #3 division winner hosted a #6 seed in the WC round with the top WC team hosting the #5 seed or the middle WC team.

What I like about this current format, is that the schedules of division teams are identical except for two games, whereas before I think there were three different games. First and foremost I think you want the division winners to be clear and I think the new format allows that.
49ers could still be the number 1 seed if Carolina AND Seattle both lose and the 49ers win.

We could face NO, SF, or ARI.

I think if Seattle ends up as a wild card, the worst they can do is the 5 we would avoid facing Seattle until the NFCCG no matter the circumstances.

Obviously looking ahead, but a nice path in the playoffs would be Carolina as the 2 seed.

If we faced Arizona, Carolina, and then the winner of a TOUGH SF/SEA matchup...I don't see any of our opponents being significantly favored against us.
I wouldn't mind playing NO in Philly--they are a very different team on the road. I wouldn't mind playing Arizona either. I'm a little afraid of SF. They're a different team since Crabtree came back.
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